Thursday, January 05, 2012

More grit hypocrisy

The grits and dippers are always whining hat the Tories are using US GOP tactics. The grits commonly use US democrat operatives as advisors and they are doing it yet again. Grit and other party bloggers are not welcome at the grit convention, but democrat operatives are very welcome. I guess grit hatred for all things American does not extend to their democrat overlords.

OTTAWA——Two U.S. Democrats, behind-the-scenes strategists in President Barack Obama’s winning 2008 campaign, will be lending some advice to federal Liberals at their convention this month.

Rich Mintz, a vice-president of Blue State Digital, and Tom McMahon, a chief architect of the Democrats’ so-called “50-state strategy” leading up to their 2008 victory, will be panelists on Jan. 14, when Liberals meet for their big biennial gathering in Ottawa.

The session is titled “Lessons Learned” from the 2004 and 2008 Democratic campaigns. Both U.S. party operatives have extensive expertise in campaign skills that Liberals say they desperately need to climb back from last year’s crushing election defeat.

Scotty Greenwood of the Canadian American Business Council, who knows Democratic politics well in the U.S., says that these political players can lend Liberals the nuts-and-bolts kind of talk that promises to dominate the convention this month.

“If the Grits are looking for work-session insights, as opposed to flashy keynote speakers, I think they made a good choice,” Greenwood said.

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Jen said...

After years of CBC CTV GLOBE AND MAIL TORONTO STAR REPORTERS busting their buns, making up stories and lies to help the liberals through their every need apparently are not good enough for the liberals anymore.

Since Obama came into power he has done nothing for his people.

I hope that SNN brings this up over and over.

Keep your ears to the ground Dr. Roy, the liberals and the ndp and yes the democrates surrounding Obama are up to something huge here. Why do you think the monarchy has become a story for the liberals etc to rid off for a more american like run government?

In other words Dr. Roy, the opposition parties have not recognized nor accepted Canada elected government but only OBAMA as their PM and president and whatever says or does the opposition parties follow him and him alone. In my view they are very un canadian.

I Support Lord Black