Friday, January 27, 2012

McGill Alumni Event with Mike Babcock

I am not a big hockey fan. I am a big McGill fan! I was able to go to an alumni event to see Mike Babcock, the Coach of the Detroit Red Wings and the coach of the winning 2010 Canadian Men's team. It was a wonderful evening. My brother is a huge hockey fans and he came too, which made it a even more special evening. It was held at the private club at the Bell Center. Babcock is an amazing guy, humble and quite inspiring. He showed a video of the Olympic 2010 winning game clips. It gave me goose bum[ps. i don't have that video, but here's another of that famous red McGill Tie. I was wearing my blue McGill Tie. I was so impressed by Coach Babcock's speech. He is a great McGillian and I thank him for coming back to share his experiences. Coach Babcock spoke lovingly about McGill , hockey, Canada and his family. We Tories should recruit him! And of course Gold!!

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