Saturday, January 28, 2012

marois' Harper bashing

pauline marois thinks she can get Quebec independence by Harper bashing. This despite the fact the the bloc was virtually wiped out and separatism numbers have hit all time lows under this Tory government. The Tories are federalist but not centralizing. We believe in the constitution and provincial rights. pauline is pretty desperate. Her party its actually thinking about merging with the marxist fringe Quebec solidaire. This harper bashing is more grasping at straws by a dying movement. Quebeckers are not sure who to vote for provincially. That includes me.

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bertie said...

Do you think you would vote for PM Harper if he just spoke English to you.He has bent over backwards for Quebec and you keep slapping him in the face for his troubles.I would cut of your 8 billion dollar welfare cheque to start.Then I would get rid of the milk and cheese subsidies and protection Quebec gets.Hmmm anything else,oh yes give Newfoundland back the falls and the electricity grid that they were suckered into signing onto.Guess that's it for now you NDPQ lovers.

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