Thursday, January 05, 2012

Le petit dauphin

Is my nick name for foul mouthed air headed pretty boy Justin. The Sun takes it a step further. I am very disappointed that the grits have a motion to try and abolish the Monarchy. Pseudo chretien  aides suggested this for a few days in 1999, but the backlash made them quickly withdraw this foolhardy policy. Given the difficulty of changing the role of the Crown { all ten provinces and both upper and lower houses are needed}, one would think the grits had better things to discuss than constitutional vandalism.

One can only wonder if the Liberals intend on replacing the House of Windsor with the House of Trudeau

TORONTO - I know why the Liberals are looking to ditch the royals.

As soon as the Buckingham Palace gang is gone — bam! — in come the Trudeaus.

It’s a coup.

How else can you explain the agenda for the national Grits’ convention in Ottawa late next week?

Among such amusing notions as legalizing and regulating marijuana is this:

“Be it resolved that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Parliament of Canada to form an all-party committee to study the implementation of instituting a Canadian head of state popularly elected and sever formal ties with the British Crown.”

Actually, I’d vote for the marijuana motion. Grass is a fact of life, like booze and Habs fans. And when you make something a crime, guess who shows up: Criminals.

Other proposals are reasonable, such as outlining how foreign places can join Canada. Hullo, Turks and Caicos!

But the monarchy motion is felonious, treasonous and downright sneaky.

More from my friend Trusty Tory!

One of my grit friends and a stunch defender of the Canadian Crown says this resolution is tied for last place in online voting and probably wont get to the floor for a vote.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't expect civility in your comments section when you demean others so frequently.

You strike me as a rather petty individual.

Anonymous said...

Aww...come on nonny it's not like Dr Roy called Justin a piece of sh*t.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Trudeau suffers from post fetal coke syndrone

Sean M said...

At least the "Liberals" have finally come out and exposed their anti Canadian, anti history, anti British bigotry. The imposition of "Pierre's Charter" and the subsequent estrangement of Canadians from Canada's historical ties to the British empire, re... the Magna Carta and the BNA Act was simply a beginning point. Turdo Sr was always a radical anti Canadian, anti British bigot and his imposition of "Pierre's Charter" was simply the beginning of the distortions and denials that would cast adrift and estrange the nation from it's history and traditions so as to further impose his deranged ideology. With the imposition of "Pierre's Charter' essentially over riding the Magna Carta, and the BNA Act, the abolishing of the Monarch as Canada's head of State would be the inevitable outcome. Thus completing the destruction of Canada's existence, and stealthly morphing into the Cult of Trudeapia.

I Support Lord Black