Sunday, January 08, 2012

In Praise of Tory Tax cuts

Investors Business Daily likes us, They really like us.

"We believe in free trade in Canada, we're a free-trading nation. That's the source of our strength, our quality of life, our economic strength," Flaherty said last month.

Lastly, Canada has pursued its competitive advantage — oil. And it did so not through top-down "industrial policy," but by getting government out of the way.

Harper has enacted market-friendly regulations to accomplish big things like the Keystone Pipeline — and urged President Obama to move forward on it or else Canada would sell its oil to China.

These policies have been well-known since the Reagan era. But in a country that's been institutionally socialist since the 1950s, Harper's moves represent a dramatic affirmation for free market economics.

For Canada, they've had big benefits.

Canada's incomes are rising, its unemployment is two percentage points below the U.S. rate, its currency is strengthening and it boasts Triple-A or equivalent sovereign ratings across the board from the five top international ratings agencies, lowering its cost of credit.

Is it too much to ask Washington to start paying attention to the Canadian success story?


Jen said...

'Is it too much to ask Washington to start paying attention to the Canadian success story?'

Unfortunately not even the canadian public know of this either. Maybe not yet, why? The newsmedia will highlight this story later when and if the libs or coalition get into power then and only then after a few months, will the public know of this yesteryear's story.

If this story broke while the liberals were in government, the entire country's newsmedia wil air, talk, and write this story for months to come.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

And yet McGuinty is apparently skittish on following through with his planned corporate tax cuts.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Roy Eappen said...

too bad some people in ontario don't get it

Anonymous said...

Cutting taxes while running record deficits is irresponsible. Taxes should only be cut when government spending is reduced.

Harper uses tax cuts to buy votes but it is our children that will pay the price. This is pandering politics at it worst.

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