Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I will not be seeing the Baroness Thatcher movie

 Baroness Thatcher is one of my heroes. I was afraid of what leftists hollywood would do to her legacy. Apparently I was right to worry.

One wonders whether Meryl Streep’s forgetting her spectacles on the way up to collect her Golden Globe on Sunday was deliberate: an attempt to counter the criticism that her presentation of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as a pathetic, semi-demented crone in the Iron Lady was a cruel and unusual portrayal. “Hey look, I’m a losing it too.”

The conceit of Baroness Thatcher’s remarkable life being told in a series of flashbacks during conversations with her dead husband, Denis (played by Jim Broadbent), looks an awful lot like revenge on a figure the lefty liberal arts community has not merely never understood, but actively hated. Ms. Streep’s thanking the English for allowing her to come and “trample all over their history” was also telling.


maggie said...

I am with you Dr. Roy - we have been watching Tory Tory Tory on YouTube instead!

Ted Betts said...

Ideologues of any stripe are all the same: I refuse to listen to something that I might not like.

Fun fact: the lefties are just as outraged by this movie as the righties, outraged about how friendly it is to her and makes her look too good.

Tells you something about both the right wing and left wing critics of the movie. A lot, in fact.

Thatcher would have been one of the first to deride the type of cult of personality and demogoguery shown by righties refusing to watch this movie. She was a tough lady and could take anything, unlike her followers.

Walter Irving said...

"I will not be seeing the Baroness Thatcher movie..."

Me either Roy. Thatcher was a twat in power and the last thing I want to do is glorify her destruction of Great Britain by paying hard currency to see this film.

Steve Stinson said...

Roy, I can understand your sentiment, but I still plan to see it. As Ted suggests, opinions about this film are decidedly mixed. This review suggests that your concerns about her portrayal may be overdone.

That said, I am glad that the filmmakers chose Margaret Thatcher as their subject. Her story is compelling and good box office results for this film may encourage other, more sympathetic portrayals in the future.

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