Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gerry Nichols on Harper Derangement Syndrom

Gerry calls it sillyland. The Queen of Sillyland Sometimes I get the feeling certain Canadian political journalists don’t actually live in Canada. Instead, it seems they live in a faraway place I call Sillyland. I imagine it as a nice little country that has only one ironclad law: Anyone who lives there must write columns on Canadian politics that make absolutely no sense. And in my mind, the Queen of Sillyland must be Ottawa Citizen columnist Susan Riley. I say that because she recently came out with a column that was silly in the extreme. First off, her column pointed out that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a war-mongering, environment-destroying, big corporation-loving, right-wing zealot. Of course, there is nothing new about this.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect Gerry is jealous of Steven Harper and his success. He certainly comes off that way most of the time. Susan Riley used to be relatively sensible, at least compared to now, when she was on Studio Two with Steve Paikin years ago. Then she had Gilles Paquette to straighten her out when she said something stupid. Now she is just stupid.

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