Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Defeating McCallum

I don't like john mccallum. His nastiness (with grit madam sgro) during previous election campaigns irritated me. He needs to be defeated in the next election. I suspect the grits and mccallum will self defeat. He used to win by 20000 votes, last time he won by 1700 votes.
His riding is surrounded by a sea of blue.
grit arrogance will help defeat mccallum.


Anonymous said...

I agree he is totally obnoxious and adds nothing to any debate on any issue but removing him makes the Liberals stronger

Anonymous said...

I was just glad to see Mark Holland gone in the last election.

Jordan said...

His personality is a shame because he has quite the impressive resume and is obviously a bright man.

Anonymous said...

I think the personality thing is caused by being p!$$ drunk most of the time.

Rob C

maryT said...

What kind of coverage did he get when he was removed from a plane for being to drunk to fly.
Guess only conservatives get coverage when facing a dui, and do the right thing by resigning from caucus. Too bad Pablo stayed in caucus and was allowed to make a fool of himself in QP.
Holland was defeated but you would never know that by the many times he is called on to be an expert on ctv/cbc talk shows.
Bet he wished Iggy could have a do over re forcing an election.

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