Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dalton's caregiver

The ever incompetent dalton has appointed himself a caregiver to change his diapers.. He needs someone to actually do the work of governing Ontario. Apparently dalton's finance minister and cabinet are also too incompetent to balance the books. The people of Ontario deserve better. It’s as if Premier Dalton McGuinty gave economist Don Drummond the province of Ontario tied up in a nice big bow. In a career brimming with plum positions, Drummond calls this one his “dream job.” McGuinty put him in charge of a commission on the public service with the power to affect all our lives in Ontario with a series of recommendations to find ways to raise money, as well as pinpointing the inevitable cuts. It recommends that Ontarians play slots at “alternative sites” to racetracks so they won’t have to hike out of town to play. Wine, beer and liquor prices would go up and stores would have “anti-zapper” software installed in cash registers to stop the practice of hiding sales from tax collectors by deleting selected sales. More than 400 recommendations include consolidation of some ministries, overhaul of others and a major reorganization of medical services and how patients interact with health care providers, right down to the protocol for patients with congestive heart failure and the restoration of hospital privileges for physicians who have let them lapse.

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