Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cutting Government

I am happy that HM Government is saying it will cut government more quickly. I have many suggestions like get rid of all corporate welfare, cut cbc by 900 million or sell it out right,.... Do you have any cuts to propose? Finally: Smaller government National Post · Jan. 28, 2012 | Last Updated: Jan. 28, 2012 4:24 AM ET On Friday, the Department of Finance updated Canada's deficit projections, and brought welcome news: The federal deficit is shrinking more rapidly than previously forecast. While the projected shortfall this year was originally pegged at $32.3-billion, the final tally now is on course to come in somewhere south of $30-billion. That's still too high, of course. Canada must return to the balanced budgets that were bequeathed to the Tories by the Liberals as rapidly as possible. But we're still glad to see that Canada remains on track for a balanced budget in 2014-15; and especially pleased that the improvement in Canada's fiscal health reflects genuine spending cuts, rather than rapid economic growth hiding steadily rising spending. (Much of the drop in spending reflects an end to short-term stimulus programs that have run their course.) News of the smaller-than expected deficit comes amid media reports suggesting that the next federal budget, expected in March, will feature more cuts. Whereas the government originally had sought a 5% cut from last year's program spending, which would have produced $4-billion in savings, Treasury Board Tony Clement is now speaking of cutting as much as $8-billion. Some departments could see cuts on the order of 10%.


oxygentax said...

Why is it that everybody mentions the surpluses "bequeathed to the Conservatives by the Liberals", but nobody mentions the record deficits that were bequeathed to the Conservatives by the Liberals back in 1984?

Anonymous said...

when government has fewer employees this year than last and is spending less money this year than last i will believe they have actually cut something other than estimates.

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