Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Crown and First Nations

A great article by John Ivison. I believe we have a duty to make it possible for First Nations to be more involved in the Canadian economy. Treaties made w. ith the Crown must be honored, but the INAC culture of dependence must go. Property rights for Natives is a good first step. Many bands are actually doing well. Best practices should be studied and adopted. We need to move ahead. We eventually need to get rid of INAC!! John Ivison: Pragmatic motives behind Stephen Harper’s meeting with First Nations John Ivison  Jan 17, 2012 – 6:25 PM ET Ben Nelms for National Post; Chris Wattie/Reuters Assembly of First Nations chief Shawn Atleo and Prime Minister Stephen Harper: No tub-thumping allowed. Sir John A. Macdonald “thumped no tubs, he banged no pulpits,” according to biographer Donald Creighton. Even when debating as ambitious a project as Confederation, he refused to pander to romanticism. “I am satisfied not to have a reputation for indulging in imaginary schemes and harbouring visionary ideas … always utopian and never practical,” he said. That passage came to mind while watching Stephen Harper’s new interview with Peter Mansbridge on CBC. The Prime Minister was asked whether he hopes significant changes will result from his first meeting with the collective native leadership at a Crown-First Nations gathering next week in Ottawa. “The obvious answer is yes. Significant change needs to happen. Aboriginal people are not anywhere near where we want them, or need, those communities to be. That said, my own experience is that it will not be grand visions and declarations that achieve these things – it will be moving forward, one step at a time in areas like water and investment in education,” he said.

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