Friday, January 20, 2012

cbc ombudsmen humiliated

by the truth. You owe Chief Blair and Mayor Ford an apology and you need to resign. So much for the impartial cbc. Ever more reasons to sell the cbc. TORONTO - Toronto police chief Bill Blair's account that Mayor Rob Ford didn't verbally abuse 911 dispatchers during a series of emergency calls made in October is "accurate," the provincial police commissioner says. In a statement released Friday afternoon, Commissioner Chris Lewis says he listened to Toronto Police Service recordings of the emergency calls, and Blair's "statement (he) made in a public release on October 28... is an accurate interpretation of the content of the tapes." Lewis' statement comes less than a month after CBC ombudsman Kirk LaPointe said he couldn't accept Blair's account of what is on those 911 recordings because Blair's objectivity was compromised because of Ford's role in setting the city's police budget.


Sean M said...

Further proof that laPointe is a sleazy, sniveling POS! The CBC is infested with diseased minded radicals like LaPointe. Looking forward to the inevitable excuses and specious rationalizations that ooze from the diseased beast known as the CBC.

Thucydides said...

Truth means nothing to these people. Boycott any company that advertises on CBC, demand the channel is changed whenever CBC comes on and continue to write your MP about defunding the CBC.

Truth means nothing to them, but money and power mean everything. We can work to take that away

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