Sunday, January 22, 2012

Canadian tax dollars at work?

So the bq used parliamentary budgets to pay for partisan staff. This is even with electoral welfare. I have long said that political welfare helped separatists at the federal and provincial levels. If this is not allowed the bq must be forced to repay every last dime. Perhaps we can garnish duceppe's $141000 a year pension. This should eliminate duceppe as a contender for pq leadership. Madame Marois is intent ob going down on her sinking ship. I say let her do exactly that. MONTREAL — Former Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe was facing some tough questions on Saturday after a report was published claiming his party used taxpayers’ money to pay the salary of the party's general manager. The report, which appeared in Saturday’s edition of La Presse, states that the party used funds allocated by the House of Commons to pay Gilbert Gardner over a period of seven years beginning in 2004. The story claims that the practice broke the rules governing the House, which state that the money provided to each party is to be used solely for parliamentary functions, and not for partisan purposes.

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Anonymous said...

Move long folks nothing unusual to see here. In the end parliament will say don't do it again and quebec will continue to rip off the ROC. After all we wouldn't want to hurt quebec's feelings.

Rob C

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