Saturday, January 14, 2012

bob Rae

I hope the grits keep bob Rae. The ads write themselves. During the last Ontario provincial campaign, Andrea Horvath, dipper leader, repeatedly disavowed that the dipper were linked to bob. His name still induces swearing among many Ontario voters. Jeffy thinks that Ontario voters will have forgotten, they will be easily reminded.

Chantal Hebert thinks that the grits have very little choice. Maherthinks Rae isn't going anywhere. I hope not.


Pissedoff said...

Jeffy is an idiot who writes for the Whine and Snail, a rag that just lost its last ounce of credibility with its gay marriage lies. Ontarians will never forget, but as you say I hope he is right about Rae.

NeilD said...

I'm with you on this one Dr. Roy. Boob Rae all the way will only ensure that the Liberal Leadership Back-Room Shenanigans Show will continue for years to come.

Jen said...

' the least the ontarians know or hear about Bob Rae when he was the ndp premier of ontario and who prorogued his government for months and who bankrupt Ontario', the sooner and quicker the ontarians will forget. That is the media's intention.

Apparently the same medias are helping out Dalton McGuinty by keeping his provincial province of Ontario's debt of 200+billion dollars and his creation to a have not province, in a very low profile.

One thing for sure the msm are scared sh*tless of Bob Rae and Dalton. A sorry sight to watch supposed reporters squim before the LPC AND NDP.

Joseph said...

Go for Bob, go for broke.

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