Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bo is bad for Canada and the United States

Bo has rejected the Keystone pipeline. This during Au time when the Iranians are threatening to block the strait of Hormuz. His ideological idiocy is costing the US a reliable source of energy and 20000 American jobs. Canadians should be rooting for a GOP victory in November in the Senate and Whitehouse. Statement by Danielle Smith on Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline EDMONTON, AB (January 18,2012): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith today released the following statement on the announcement by United States President Barack Obama rejecting the current Keystone XL Pipeline proposal: “President Obama’s rejection of the current Keystone XL pipeline is certainly bad news for Alberta. Additional pipeline capacity is essential to Alberta’s future economic growth and to ensure Albertans get full value for our energy resources.  The absence of this pipeline continues to cost Albertans nearly $2 billion a year in resource revenue.  “It is clear now that Premier Redford’s refusal to advocate directly for the Keystone XL pipeline and Alberta’s interests abroad is harming our province’s economy.  Now more than ever, Alberta needs strong leadership to promote our interests as they relate to the oil sands and energy production.  We need a Premier who is willing to defend our province and energy sector against the baseless attacks which appear to have driven the President’s decision today.  “Pipelines from Alberta’s oil sands will benefit Alberta, Canada and the rest of North America.  Our oil sands are the most abundant, secure and ethical energy supply on the planet.  It is crucial that the Alberta government works tirelessly to convince our provincial neighbours of the necessity for the Northern Gateway Pipeline to diversify Alberta’s export markets and to make the case for Alberta energy to our American friends while TransCanada reapplies for the Keystone project.”


Thucydides said...

Well, the Republicans can at least count on 200,000 votes from unemployed people who would have gotten pipeline jobs, plus that of their families who needed the money, the suppliers who don't have contracts to suply steel and other materials for the pipeline construction, caterers who won't be selling meals to pipeline workers...

Once you start adding this up that is millions of jobs for Americans (and in proportion for Canada as well).

As for the Wild Rose Alliance, they can continue to press for a pipeline to BC, and should also hedge their bets by advocating a pipeline to Eastern Canada as well. In the fullness of time, three pipelines will be built to service all the markets, now is a good time to start

Polardiscoball said...

Two words "prison refinery"
Two birds.

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