Friday, January 20, 2012

the biased liberal media

I have been irritated by the media attacks on my friend and Blogging Tory co founder Stephen Taylor. Stephen Taylor unlike the lame steam media is open with his partisanship. He always tries to be fair. The ad on bob are is the truth. Get used to it grits. This is only the beginning if you decide to have are as your leader. You are complaining about this ad which cost almost nothing to make, yet the families coalition spent millions and I saw very little object from the grit backing media. Then we have franky graves who has given large amounts to the grit and consistently underestimates Tory support in his polls as a cbc expert. All the media has accomplished is getting more people to see the truth about bob rae. It is also energizing the conservative base. I have no doubt the NCC will be getting many more donations. The lame stream media is in full Harper derangement syndrome these days comparing HM Pm to Kim il sun, hitler, mussolini... The media and the grits can dish it out but they can't take it. Good work Stephen!!!


Alain said...

They can only whine about the ad existing, since they are unable to refute its contents. The is documented evidence to back up every statement made in the ad, which is the opposite of attack ads from the Left that twist facts and outright lie.

Joseph said...

No matter how hard they try, they can't hide Bobs record.
If they let him get away with his leadership coup, every lib mp in Ontario can kiss their political career goodbye.

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