Monday, January 09, 2012

Another lamentation from the red star

Tim Harper at the red star gnashes his teeth and wrings his hands over who can stop the Tories. The fear of not being re elected guarantees a smooth course. Right now the Tories have little to fear from the opposition. The press is trying to stick for the grit friends , but most Canadians are just not taking much notice. Hopefully more of the platform will be passed in this new year and helpfully more even bolder steps will be next.78

Tim Harper: Who can slow Stephen Harper in 2012?
January 8, 2012 00:01:00
Tim Harper
Who will emerge to provide tough, credible opposition to Stephen Harper in 2012?

Harper enters the year with a majority in the House of Commons, a majority on the Supreme Court of Canada and an even greater majority in the Senate, with Friday’s appointment of seven more loyal Conservatives pledging fealty to the leader.

While a majority earns the government freedom and certainty, it does not, and should not, give it an unfettered hand to bulldoze all opponents.


Anonymous said...

Is he talking about "wage and price controls" or "multiculturalism" or a "gun registry" or "free trade" or the "gst"..?? Who the hell is this moron? Majoritys mean you steamroll opponents, it meant if for Trudeau and Mulroney and Chretien. Its ironic and sad, but, shouldnt the Toronto Star focus on the dire economic situation Ontario is in right now?
The province is set to crumble over the next few years and the TStar is worried about what "may" happen to Canada over the next decade? Its bizarre.

Brian said...

The Left in Canada is still in denial since the Tory majority last spring , and the ensuing collapse of the Liberal party.

It really is like they are living in an alternate universe pining for past Liberal glories.

Alain said...

Not only are they living in an alternative universe, but they also live in echo chambers which is why they actually believe their ideology and fears are representative of the majority of Canadians. They continue to cling to the mythical creation of Canada by the Liberals even though most Canadians know better and reject it. I cannot express enough how fortunate we are that they have been so totally removed from power.

maryT said...

And he has another 4 years to come up with more crap. Hey, how about telling him that the next thing to go is bilingualism.
And also that those pipelines will be built.

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