Thursday, January 12, 2012

Academics defend HM PM harper

 I found this a shocking headline. That there are academics who actually belive in the national interest.
Most of the left is hysterical over the pipelines.

Ladies and gentlemen, insert your earplugs!

The more common sense Prime Minister Stephen Harper brings to the discussion about Canadian energy policy, the more hysterical his “green” critics become.

Harper’s observation we need a regulatory process for approving Canadian energy projects like the Northern Gateway oil pipeline that doesn’t mimic the train wreck that process has become in the United States, is a statement of the painfully obvious.

U.S. energy policy is such a mess, the Americans haven’t built a new oil refinery since 1976, or a new nuclear plant in three decades.

Canada faces similar problems because it’s human nature to want the benefits of immediately available and reliable energy, without being anywhere near the infrastructure required to deliver it.


Anonymous said...

Pretty thin gruel Eappen.

Anonymous said...

greenhouse gases.

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