Monday, December 26, 2011

Strategic voting?

Alice over at Pundits guide has an analysis of dipper leadership candidate cullen's suggestion for strategic voting. She concludes it just won't work. I completely agree. Indeed I think it would help bring more Tory votes. This from the comments:

Frank Johnston says:
December 25, 2011 at 7:50 pm
The idea of “strategic voting” is a pipedream. A great many NDP supporters said they would vote Liberal last time – as they always do – and lied. They didn’t. Furthermore, there is a great deal more that separates most Liberals and Dippers that people care to admit. I for one would never vote NDP, but would vote Conservative under certain circumstances. A great many Liberals are like me.


Joseph said...

Frank is what you would call a blu-lib.
Essentially someone that wants to believe conservative philosophy can be compromised to achieve an agreement with socialists.
Don't work, never has never will.
Good news is that these same types are starting to grasp that particular reality, and they are leaving the lpc because of it.
Now if we could only get the OPC to get the same dynamic going in Ontario.

Anonymous said...

I hope the NDP selects a more moderate socialist. A strong NDP translates the elimination of the Liberals. I'd like to see a two party system. It would force the NDP to become a more "responsible" in developing policy.

I Support Lord Black