Sunday, December 04, 2011

Salim Mansur on the violent arab "spring"

Salim again writes about the deteriorating arab spring. Egypt is now fully in hands of the islamists. I fear for the millions of my Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt. I fear Egypt will end up like Algeria with 10 years of virtual civil war and many, many dead.

A daily watch of someone stricken with a severe malady will more or less confirm with every twitching observed that the patient’s situation is critical.

Such is the case in observing the daily painfully grievous twitching in the Middle East and across the Arab-Muslim world, and every spike in violence observed merely confirms the Islamic lands — Arab and non-Arab — are sinking ever deeper into the death throes of a dysfunctional culture.

We are watching Syria sliding precipitately into a civil war, Pakistan maddeningly sinking into a cauldron of violence fuelled by religious bigots, Coptic Christians of Egypt desperately looking for an exit out of a land they no longer can count as their ancient home, and Iran torn between the fanaticism of the clergy with its thuggish militia let loose and a people exhausted by the din of empty slogans.

If we take a wider view of the lands between the River Indus flowing through Pakistan and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, we might find the events we are witnessing in this part of the world when taken together form a pattern and may be explained historically.

The Arab-Muslim world is at some point close to the bottom of an immense civilizational breakdown, and the ever-present violence that we are witnessing is the symptom of this historic convulsion.

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