Monday, December 12, 2011

Robson on the hoax

Another great analyses of the Kyoto had

Not only is the Kyoto Protocol technically flawed, the so-called science behind it is utter twaddle. Never mind complicated things like non-linear mathematics or, indeed, mathematics of any sort. The alarmists can’t possibly know how to predict the future of Earth’s climate because they can’t explain its past.

At one point the UN’s famous Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tried to tell us the climate story was pretty simple. Their infamous “hockey stick” graph showed temperature constant for 1,000 years, then shooting up sharply in the 20th century as Industrial Man started pumping CO2 and other GHGs into the atmosphere. On top of the technical jiggery-pokery, this account brazenly misrepresented the past.

As the IPCC itself admitted in 1990, we’ve long known about a “Medieval Warm Period” starting around 1000 AD followed by a “Little Ice Age” from about 1600 until the mid-19th century. The former explains why the Viking settlement flourished then perished in Greenland. And slower tree growth producing denser wood during the latter may account for the superb resonance of Stradivarius violins. But whatever made the Medieval Warm Period warm, it certainly wasn’t manmade GHGs. Nor did we cause the Little Ice Age.


wilson said...

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Science proves that big bad oil is not the reason for farmers problems:
carbon capture 1- antiOil&Gas 0

Alain said...

Robson is correct and more and more people are finally catching on. We still have idiotic provincial governments charging ahead however, as they see it as an excellent way to steal more of our money. Time to put our foot down on their scam.

Brian said...

Now if only the Conservatives would come out of the cave and announce that man-made Global Warming is a total fraud and vow to ignore any new Kyoto-like treaty in 2015 !

Needless to say the eco-fanatics would go ballistic , but they would never vote Tory , and by 2015 Canada could sit and watch other countries going over the eco-cliff.

Alain said...

Brian, how right you are. That should have been done when announcing that Canada is withdrawing. Time for government to actually state the truth.

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