Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Restons ADQ

I absolutely oppose the merger of Quebec's only centre right party, the ADQ and the poll number that is the CAQ. My friend Paul Beaudry expressed it very well in the National Post.

The CAQ takeover of the ADQ constitutes a real threat to the ADQ's fusionist alliance and to Quebec conservatives in general. The CAQ may appeal to those in the ADQ who are considered moderates, nationalists and those who tend to align themselves with third-party options. However, the economic conservatives and libertarians amongst the party's base have not been enthusiastic about the prospects of a merger. One of the most outspoken opponents of a CAQ-ADQ merger is well-known Quebec businessman Adrien Pouliot, a libertarian-leaning member of the ADQ's political commission; he has not shied away from heavily criticizing many of the CAQ's interventionist policies.

The committee against this merger with , the empty suit ( and still basically separatist) legault, has a new website. This merger should be defeated. It is a betrayal of the grassroots of the ADQ. The merger was done by the executive and only now have they thought to ask the members about it. Well the members need to fight back. While they negotiated the adq executive has allowed the party to basically to almost disappear. The ads apparently is down to 2500 members. Many member have left in disgust. If you were a member , you can reactivate your membership and got in the upcoming referendum. Legault and the adq executive should hear from the real right in Quebec!


Anonymous said...

Let's bring back Mario Dumont!

Jack said...

I disagree. Quebec politics is changing as the young lose interest.

Something new is required and more years of Charest are not "it", back stabbing Quebec politician that he is.

He needs to be retired, forcefully if necessary.

Having said that I will add this.

Finally, Quebec politicians are grasping reality and I hope it continues. In time the Quebec separation idea will be dead and Canada can move on.

Just saying.

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