Saturday, December 10, 2011

Petty pq

Another reason I am glad the pq is imploding. This is getting pretty silly. How disrespectful to the hundred of thousands of Anglophones that live in Quebec.
PQ language critic to boycott English at news conferences

Blanchet says he will speak only French in official capacity after receiving complaints


Yves-François Blanchet, the Parti Québécois language critic, met with representatives of Quebec's English-language media Wednesday to tell them he will continue to grant interviews in English but will no longer answer questions in English at "official" news conferences.

"When I give a press conference, I speak officially in the name of my party in the National Assembly," Blanchet explained.

"When I do some official intervention, I want to do it in French because it is the only official language in Quebec," he said.

"I don't want to give the message that there are two official languages in Quebec. There is only one."

Blanchet said he's received many complaints via social media over his use of English.

"They thought that I have given as much importance to English," he said.

"They were right."

Blanchet is the only member of the PQ caucus to take this position so far, although some PQ MNAs do not speak English as a rule and several ministers in the Charest government also do not speak any English.

"I did not ask anybody to do as I do," he said. "I wouldn't be surprised if eventually the issue is raised but it is not something I have asked. It's a personal decision."


Anonymous said...

Just one more reason to vote quebec out of Confederation.I don't bye the BS line "It's only a the radical quebecers" It is the entire province that likes the free ride these "radicals" get them. I am tired of quebec sucking tax dollars out and putting nothing in.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Without our tax dollars poor margie gillis would be out of a job! Now that might amount to “cruel and unusual punishment”!

Then again watching her trying to perform is cruel and unusual punishment in itself.

James M.

Gerald said...

I'm 72 yrs of age and I've wanted Quebec out of confederation since the day I was born.Gerald

I Support Lord Black