Sunday, December 25, 2011

An outrage at Christmas

I pray for my Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are attacked for practicing their faith on this very holy day. The jihadis continue their murderous acts while the liberals in the west downplay the Islamist threat.

Canada Condemns Attacks in Nigeria

(No. 392 - December 25, 2011 - 12:15 p.m. ET) Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird issued the following statement after a series of deadly attacks at churches in Nigeria:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones.

“These people died practising their religion—a basic human right.

“Canada strongly denounces such cowardly attacks without reservation. It is unconscionable that they occurred on Christmas against individuals attending religious services.

“We stand with the people and the government of Nigeria at this difficult time and join those calling for all responsible to be brought to justice.”

- 30 -

For further information, media representatives may contact:

Foreign Affairs Media Relations Office
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

LAGOS, Nigeria: Terror attacks across Nigeria by a radical Muslim sect killed at least 39 people Sunday, with the majority dying on the steps of a Catholic church after celebrating Christmas Mass as blood pooled in dust from a massive explosion.

Authorities acknowledged they could not bring enough emergency medical personnel to care for the wounded outside St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla near Nigeria's capital. Elsewhere, a bomb exploded amid gunfire in the central Nigeria city of Jos and a suicide car bomber attacked the military in the nation's northeast as part of an apparently coordinated assault by the sect known as Boko Haram.

The Christmas Day violence, denounced by world leaders and the Vatican, shows the threat of the widening insurrection posed by Boko Haram against Nigeria's weak central government. Despite a recent paramilitary crackdown against the sect in the oil-rich nation, it appears that Africa's most populous nation remains unable to stop the threat.

"These are cowardly attacks on families gathered in peace and prayer to celebrate a day which symbolises harmony and goodwill towards others,'' Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague said in a statement.

The first explosion on Sunday struck St. Theresa Catholic Church just after 8am. The attack killed 35 people and wounded another 52, said Slaku Luguard, a coordinator with Nigeria's National Emergency Management Agency.

Though billions of dollars of oil money flow into the nation's budget yearly, Luguard's agency could only send text messages to journalists asking for their help in getting more ambulances.

Those wounded filled the cement floors of a nearby government hospital, with television images showing them crying in pools of their own blood. Corpses lined an open-air morgue.


Old & Grouchy said...

When will the West realize that Islam is a religion of blood and conquest by the sword!!!

Patsplace said...

Probably because they don't have the stomach for the amount of killing this is going to take. Their very faith (cult) advocate slaughter. Reason will not prevail with the dedicated evil of Islam.

Alain said...

I agree with both Grouchy and Patsplace. In today's world there is only one "religion" that seeks to murder all non believers and that is Islam. Anyone claiming otherwise is a liar. It is folly to continue to allow an influx from this ideology, and any doubts can be dispelled by looking at Europe.

dmorris said...

Should another tragedy of this sort occur,I expect we'll see all civilized Countries issue a "strong condemnation",rather than the usual "condemnation".

In less civilized times,when faced with this type of outrage,there was often a quiet plan of vengeance to go with the expressed "horror".

Fortunately, we have evolved past that primitive stage,so expression of "abhorrence" will have to suffice.

Anonymous said...

We always seem to know who the ringl leaders of these groups are even if we don't know where they are.

Perhaps we teach the ring leaders exactly what terrorism feels like from the recieving end.

Maybe after the terrorists had blown up the USS Cole 18 years ago, someone had snuck in and put a bullet through Bin Laden's mommy's head we might not have had to deal with 9-11.

A terrorist bomber might not so quick to bomb if they knew that mommy daddy & baby sister were going to personally have to pay for THEIR deeds.

Anonymous said...

Liberal immigration, refugee and asylum status has done wonderful things for Canada. I remember in grades 1-6 in rural Alberta we used to have an actual Christmas play! Not anymore! It’s a “holiday” thing now or whatever!

The charter of rights and so called freedoms implemented by the libs have been turned against us so that now there are only rights for the select few who are offended.

I Support Lord Black