Friday, December 02, 2011

Oil Sands are Green

A good piece on how really green our Oil Sands are. When I listen to oil sand producers talk about their industry, they all talk about how much better they have become in minimizing environmental effects. That is how capitalism has worked since the beginning. Environmental effects are dealt with over time. Indeed the wastes of industry become industries of the future.

Here’s the irony about Alberta’s oilpatch, the favoured whipping boy now among Hollywood A-listers, such as the revered film actor and director Robert Redford: the oil sands have got that green religion.

Indeed there are probably more genuine, shut-up-and-show-your-money environmentalists in Alberta’s energy sector now than there are anywhere else in North America. Certainly, the large-scale land reclamation, water saving and carbon dioxide sequestration projects under way in Alberta put any other conservation efforts in this country — worthy though they may be — to shame.


Jen said...

The oilsands industries are the most evironmental regulated in the world.
The PM lives in Alta that is why the so call activist here want to tarnish our province.

If the oilsands was located in Quebec, toronto, or in the maritimes, believe me Dr. Roy, the likes of Elizabeth May, Magen Leslie(ndp) and others would not make the mistake of trying to tarnish nor ruin Quebec, no matter how high the gas emission goes into the air.

Yet again, Alta bears the brunt of the abuse; the very province that provides through the oilsands, the 'BREAD AND BUTTER' to sustain this nation.

wilson said...

Good News!!!!

B.C. First Nation buys ownership stake in Enbridge pipeline

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