Friday, December 30, 2011

More whining ( weeping?) from larry martin

larry whines overe and over again. He seems unable to graso that his beloved grits are no longer in power. He writes the same article over and over again. There is a Strong Stable Tory Majority Government larry, get over it. You are just boring now

Harper juggernaut poised to dominate
Posted on Thu, Dec 29, 2011, 8:43 pm by Lawrence Martin

Lawrence Martin is the author of 10 books, including six national bestsellers. His most recent, Harperland, was nominated for the Shaughnessy Cohen award. His other works include two volumes on Jean Chr├ętien, two on Canada-U.S. relations and three books on hockey.
With their crushing of the Liberals and the Bloc and their majority victory, 2011 was a spectacular year for the Conservatives. With the new year upon us, they are poised for domination and the year ahead will see the party consolidate its imposing strength.

The Liberals could well nudge up and finish the year alongside the NDP. But that is just as the Tories would want it; an evenly split opposition with each party ill-advisedly avoiding talk of the inevitable – a merger.


Anonymous said...

I have had a couple of e-mail exchanges with Mr Martin. The latest concerning the Harper juggernaut. I suggested to him that he get help or take some time off to deal with his venomous hatred of Mr. Harper and all things Conservative. His reply "Don't bother to send anymore e-mails as I won't open them." How typical is that for Mr. Martin and other leftie's attitudes "Ignore facts because they are not what I think?"

Rob C

AMS said...

LOL, suggesting someone "get help" is not engaging in debate or suggesting facts...

At the same time, perhaps he would feel you ignore his "facts" as they are not what you think?

Political criticism can often be applied equally to those that throw it.

In any case, there is too much useless fighting and too little engaged discussion -- on that I will agree.

Blue Canuck said...

... and now: the Harper Derangement Syndrome!

wilson said...

This recent article from Martin didn't include his usual antiCon end of the world as we know it conspiracy theories.
He must have figured out people are bored of his 'unfactual' hate motivated writtings.

These old journos are still stuck in Trudeaupia,
Canadians have changed and they just didn't notice.

Gerald said...

I would like to know what article that Wilson was reading,as there was more hate for the CPC and PM Harper in Martin's article than there ever was.Martin is a despicable human being.