Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More whining from the peanut gallery

Liberal Larry seems to think Trudeau is spinning in his grave. That makes me want to dance. He seems to believe that Canada was built by the left. How odd. It is the liberals that changed. Laurier would not recognize the party he used to lead. The grits are the party of he nanny state and the dippers the party of those ultimate nanny state, socialism. I suspect Tommy Douglas would also be shocked by the atheist bent of his Succesors. If this is how the peanut gallery is reporting in the first 6 months of a Tory majority, I expect the next 6 months should see many of these liberal hacks retiring on large doses of Valium. They can't handle the truth or the fact that the Tories are implementing their genda. The grit way was to make promises to get into power and then ignore your platform or steal someone else's. The Tories will do exactly as was promised. The grit court jesters in the media will have to find something else to do.

The political tremors didn’t reverberate with the shock they may have. The Conservatives’ prudent policy-making in some big-ticket policy areas has served to alleviate fears of their being excessively redneck. Their work on the economy, as seen most recently in the fiscal update, was an example of pragmatic decision-making. The recent bilateral border accord won them applause, as perhaps it should – so long as it doesn’t contribute to our becoming an extension of the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Harper’s playing up of traditional symbols like the monarchy allays concerns of the old Canada fading away.

But at the same, it was a big year for ideological advances. They came in such areas as crime and punishment, in foreign policy – where Canada has become one of the hawks of the Western world – on the gun registry, on citizenship and immigration, on the military, on the Wheat Board and on the environment. On the latter, we recall Mr. Mulroney, a progressive Tory, winning an award as Canada’s greenest prime minister. As a show of how the party has changed, the Harper government will likely be a candidate for the brownest.

This Prime Minister’s rightward trajectory no doubt has Pierre Trudeau rolling over in his grave, which is exactly what Mr. Harper wishes. Old Tories like Robert Stanfield are probably doing the same. And Jean Chr├ętien came forward this month to issue over-the-top warnings about the course we’re on.


Anonymous said...

I am 70 years old and I thank Stephan Harper for starting to bring back the Canada that I used to love.

Anonymous said...

Indeed anon, I am a little younger, 63 but I agree.
Canadas Back!!!!!!
I don't care what Ed thinks or Paul M. as for Chretain if he is whining we must be on the right track.
Remember the coalition? All the old foogies came crawling out from under their rocks.
Now if Pierre is spinning, just wrap some copper wire around him, put a magnet on each side and produce some electricity.
Cheers Bubba

Alain said...

I am also old enough to remember the real Canada prior to the attempted re-make by the Liberals. They still cannot grasp that Canada was not founded in the 60s.

Sean M said...

Speaking of Trudeau... I was reminded of the anglo hating, fancy pants, midget, dictator from Kebec the other day, when I accidently stepped in a big dog turd at the local park.

I Support Lord Black