Saturday, December 24, 2011

More problems for the greenies

James Delingpole has a column on the collapse of more green schemes ( corporate welfare at its worst).

What do solar energy companies have in common with Second Lieutenants on the first day of the Somme? Yes, that's right. (H/T GWPF)
In Germany, especially, the attrition rate has been amazing. According to Reuters, no fewer than 5,000 German solar companies have gone bust in the last year, shedding around 20,000 jobs.
Workers in Germany's once booming solar energy industry face a shakeout of major proportions following declines in the price of solar panels over the past year.
Cuts in subsidies for solar energy, weaker demand for panels and fierce competition from cheaper Asian rivals are eating into what was once the world's biggest hub for the production of solar cells, taking the shine off an industry that was effectively born in Germany.
Well boo hoo. That's the price you pay for building an industry which should never have existed in the first place – and certainly wouldn't have done had it not been for the heavy subsidy programme launched a decade ago by the Schroeder-led Green/Social Democrat coalition.


maryT said...

Just wondering, do Suzuki and Lizzie know about this. That is the best news of the year IMHO.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

bertie said...

Mary T,Send them both an e,mail with this great news..I am sure they will thank you for it...The bigger question is????Have any of our Canadian left MSM printed this article,so their readers can see the truth..I think not.

Merry Christmas anyway

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