Monday, December 26, 2011

More Free Trade

I am glad HM Canadian Government is dedicated to more free trade. IN light of that it is time to eliminate supply management for dairy, cheese and eggs! This will be politically costly but it is what should be done. We should run this as an anti poverty campaign. Why do milk , eggs and cheese, staples of the Canadian diet have to cost so much more in Canada? This must be done now! Billions of dollars in trade depend on eliminating this antiquated protectionist system.

By this time next year, either the Prime Minister will have one major agreement in his pocket and several more in the works, or this administration, by its own accounting, will have failed one of its most crucial tests.
The good news for the Tories is that they may soon clear the first and biggest hurdle. Government sources predict that a signed Canada-European Union Trade Agreement will be in place by February or March.

Some of the terms of that agreement will be contentious. EU businesses will have greater access to Canadian government-procurement contracts, for example. And dairy quotas for European imports will probably be raised, in exchange for increased quotas for Canadian pork exports.

But the deal is likely to be worth the concessions. Despite its problems – and they are legion – the EU remains the world’s largest common market, with 500- million people and a collective GDP of $16-trillion.

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Exiled Maritimer said...

That explains the apparent reversal on contributing to the euro bailout.
While I still say no to a bailout, this is a good bargaining position to extract some major concessions. The EU have discriminated against our oil, support eco terrorists in our country,lecture us on AGW, pontificate on our seal hunt,and maintain trade barriers against us.
Before we send a penny they can drop the discrimination on oilsands - which they don't even import due to logistics, ban their own seal hunt - see Norway, drop their unaffordable AWG policies and bureauocracy, etc. etc..
They will be more desperate in another year so whats the hurry - lets see their offer first.

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