Thursday, December 22, 2011

Librano hubris knows no limit

Wow librano pseudo chretien gets money from the federal government. Shameless libranos.

Chrétien wins $200,000 in sponsorship feud; PMO demands he give it back

OTTAWA— The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011 1:39PM EST
Last updated Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011 3:32PM EST

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Ottawa has to pay $200,000 in legal costs incurred by Jean Chrétien in his fight to restore his name after being blamed for the sponsorship scandal by the Gomery inquiry in 2005.

However, the Prime Minister’s Office called the ruling “disappointing,” and said the money rightly belongs to taxpayers.

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“It is our belief that the Liberal Party must pay back the millions of dollars stolen from taxpayers through the sponsorship scandal. We call on Jean Chrétien to give this $200,000 back to taxpayers on behalf of the Liberal Party,” PMO spokesman Carl Vallée told The Globe and Mail.


Anonymous said...

Harper and Gomery made reckless and untrue comments about Prime Minister Chretien. The Court awarded costs to correct the harm done. This has nothing to do with the Liberal Party.

Anonymous said...

More like a corrupt Liberal judge appointee paying back the gang at a most opportune moment. (real conservative)

Sean M said...

"The culture of corruption" that Chretin and the Libranos created is still being nurtured by a judiciary actively involved in maintaining that "culture of corruption". The Chretin appointed "Judge" is simply using taxpayers money to pay back his tribal friend. Libranos and their "Judges" still think the Canadian treasury is theirs for the looting. When is a "Judge" going to order the Libranos to pay back the millions and millions of dollars they stole from the taxpayer...? Oh yeah... never. "The culture of corruption"!!!

Anonymous said...

HMPM Chretien has been exonerated by 3 different court cases. Your hate runs so deep that you can't accept the facts. I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Paul Martin was forced to call the Inquiry which lead to harper coming to power. Chretien got us into the iraq war via our Navy, he got us into Afghan, he kept the GST and Free trade he promised to axe, he didn't care about Omar Khadr in Gitmo or Will Sampson in a Saudi jail being tortured as a canadian that offended allah.
The Adscam is still missing about $140'000'000.00 at which not one Liberal from the era has come forward to fess up to what really happened.

The only good thing is that I'm still laughing at the fact that 2 ex-P.M.'s at the Gomery Inquiry used the Sgt.Schultz defence as being too stupid and willfully blind to be expected to know what went on under their reigns.
I love it, only a Liberal would use ignorance as a badge of honour to be absolved of responsibility as they collected a huge salary and Pension to be in charge and responsible.

They saw naaaw-thing , they heard naaaw-thing .
Ahhhhh...shut-up Schultz

Yes sir Col. Klink .

I Support Lord Black