Saturday, December 03, 2011

Liberal Larry loses it

It amuses me no end to watch the leftist punditry become apoplectic over the Torymajority. I guess they will just have to get used to it. Perhaps this pack of leftist lunnies will acknowledge that it was their ilk that changed Canad in radical ways. pearson and trudeau tried to destroy English Canadian culture and entrench socilaism in a country that until then had a strong tradition of self reliance. It is lefty lary's heroes who changed Canad in radical ways. We Tories are just restoring the balance. Restoring things that have always been Canadian traditions. I am an immigrant to this Great Dominion and I understand Canada's history and traditions because I read them and was taught them in school, in Scouts and in Church.
The Tories have a very diverse caucus and a very diverse base. the grist are now the party of a few lefty latte sippers in Toronto. I hope HM Pm Harper will continue to undo the damage done to this country by the liberals and their politically correct allies. At the very least it will be fun to watch the heads of the left wing punditry explode.


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Anonymous said...

What a whiner. He states that right wing governments are anti-democratic. In my opinion, the most totalitarian piece of legislation in Canada is the Green Energy Act in Ontario - which over-rides individual property rights. If your neighbour installs a solar panel the size of a highway billboard on his front lawn, right up to the sidewalk, you have absolutely no recourse (true story). Brought to Ontarians by the Dalton McGuinty Liberals

How about wage and price controls, introduced by the free-spending Pierre Trudeau? Oh, and how about egg, milk and chicken marketing boards, Canada Wheat Board, long-gun registry? Just a few examples off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

It is remarkable how little some paid commentators know about the country they profess to love. What tripe!

Jen said...

Dr ROY, If its disturbs Larry to live in a rightwing country then there tons of jet fueled airlines in this country to choose from to take him to Venezuela, Iran, Indonesia, Russia, Cuba where he would feel right at home.

One condition though he has to remember, he will not have the freedom to write on anything negative on any of those countries leaders even if he sees their wrong doings or else he might be arrested.

Jen said...

O/T, Dr. Roy, this is for the likes of Elizabeth May, Leslie May etc:

climate negotiating positions of top emitters

Dr. Roy, this shows the rankings of nations that are heavily polluted to the least.

Anonymous said...

Who taught you to spell? Your posts are riddled with errors.

Think about what you're writing. Disgraceful for an "educated" person.

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Anon 12:52
You understand the man is a McGill educated endocrinologist, right?
What have you done?
I like the lefty belittling "educated". Shows how crass you are.

Joseph said...

That column reinforces the perception that has caused more than a few blu-liberals to come into the conservative fold. Martins contention that Harper's support is due to voters not being as smart as the Ottawa Press Gallery tells me that the big brains on the left and their media peanut gallery still consider a conservative govenment an anomoly.
They don't realize that it isn't Harper changing the country, it's that the country is rejecting those "liberal" ideals that folks like Larry cherish so much.
Trudeau was the anomoly.

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