Monday, December 26, 2011

I don't completely disagree...

with Brian Topp. Before anyone calls me a socialist, I am still a stalwart HM PM Stephen Harper, so that's not the issue. The issue is since trudeau the PMO has become far more powerful. The reserve powers of the Crown are essentially being used by the PMO. The Prime Minister has become too powerful. I am not completely sure how to fix this. I have heard suggestions, one of them being allowing caucus to pick the leader of the governing party and allow spills like in Oz(Baroness Thatcher was unseated by her own MPs). I am sure better constitutional minds have better suggestions.
So while I disagree with brian topp on virtually everything else, I do think he has a bit of a point here.


dmorris said...

Topp may be correct about too much power in the PM's office,but the rest of his platform is pure socialist drivel.

Following Topp's platform,Canada would be in the same position as Greece in a few years of NDP government.

Topp completely buys into AGW/CC, would abolish the Senate,and bring in proportional representation.

Canada would have no body of "sober second thought",none. No matter how ineffectual the current Senate is,it could be quickly improved with an elected Senate,and we'd enjoy a real balance of power.

Abolishing it would only put us in peril from the dictatorial powers of some socialists/social engineers,which is the NDP,in spades.

Prop.Rep. would ensure a chaotic situation in Parliament with multiple fringe Parties possibly holding the balance of power,so no Bills would EVER get passed until they're watered down so much as to be completely useless.

Topp, and all NDP'ers love the concept of PR because they think it would mean most power concentrated in the hands of like-minded Left wingers,and he may be right about that.

Add up his total platform, in addition to the fact he's a life long Union organizer,and you have a guy I wouldn't vote for Mayor of Elbow,Saskatchewan.

This is one of the reasons I believe we should pay close attention to what our opponents are saying,every once in a while they stumble across a good idea,and that should be recognized,but as always,their overall agenda is very harmful to the Country.

In the linked article,Topp implies that Jack Layton was "perfect",while other Leaders,such as Harper,are,of course, NOT! I had to laugh!

Considering the NDP are the possible government-in-waiting,I hope someone more moderate than Topp wins the Leadership contest.

Worst of luck to him in his quest.

Roy Eappen said...

Don't get my wrong. I don't support proportional representation. I don't support the dippers. I just am worried about the expanding power of the

Roy Elsworth said...

hay Roy Eppen my name is Roy To
anyways I kinda agree with you. But do you think if the NDP were in power that they would attempt to take power away from the PMO office?. and from living in BC under both a ndp and liberal party I doubt that will happen and if it does they will give the power to the unions. just a question.

wilson said...

Mulcair is going to win the leadership.

Gerald said...

I don't care even if we had a dictatorship,as long as PM Harper was that dictator.NDPPQer's are on the slide,just seen it on the news.They'll be lucky to keep 50 percent of their seats the next election.Gerald

DeeDee said...

Harper has devolved many of the PM's powers that existed under Chretien and Martin and other previous leaders.

Fixed election dates.
War declaration needs a parliament vote.
Most key hirings are performed by a committee now.

So its actually gotten better.

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