Friday, December 02, 2011

Good for HM Government

The war against Christians by the grits and other politically correct people was dealt a blow.
I am sure Muslims, Jews and other faiths are not offended by Christmas decorations. Today some fool in Quebec decided to ban Christmas decorations in Federal Offices. This has been slapped down by HM Minuster of Human Resources Diane Finley!! Thank you Minister and Merry Christmas!!

From HM Minister Finley:
Memo to Service Canada: The Grinch will not Steal Christmas
Today, Service Canada employees in Quebec received a “directive” from a regional manager suggesting they should not decorate their offices for Christmas.
This “directive” was unauthorized and does not reflect our Government’s views – or Canadians’ values.
Minister Finley has asked Service Canada to send a new “directive” to employees today to clarify that they can celebrate Christmas or the holidays as they please. This includes decorations in Service Canada offices in Quebec and across Canada.
After all, there happens to be a thirty foot Christmas tree in the lobby of Human Resources Canada’s headquarters in Gatineau.


Anonymous said...

Stop me if you heard this one before , a Politician agrees to ban any refernece to Christmas in the Government Office property and yet wants the Christmas Holiday off , WITH PAY.

I'm still waiting for all those offended muslims to demand that they work on December 25th/26th along with Good Friday based on a principle stance.
After all, if purging religion form the workplace is part of Barbara Hall's crusades for equality under the Charter, she should at least be consistant and set an example to refuse to take Christian holidyas off and fight for muslims so they can work on those Days as their Human Right to not have religion forced on them in the Workplace .

Jen said...

The muslims know more about the meaning of Christmas for Christians also muslims respect the Virgin Mother as the mother of Jesus, more so, than Barbara Hall ever will.

She is plain stupid and ignorant.

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