Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Fortress North America

As I have written before I think that fortress North America is a good idea. It looks like that is what we will have. Good for HM Canadian Government.

If Stephen Harper and Barack Obama (or his successor) fulfill the promises unveiled Wednesday with the Beyond the Border Accord, then that border will be more secure and easier to cross, both economies will benefit, and we will be able to decide once and for all what to call a steak.

The action plan announced Wednesday afternoon by the Prime Minister and President is in essence three deals. The first agrees to create a continental security perimeter to deter criminals and terrorists.


Gerald said...

The only people that should be afraid is people with the name Arar,and for good reason.They're the ones that the NdP would protect.

Anonymous said...

Wow Eappen. What an impressive readership you've grown here! Gerald sounds like quite the deep thinker.

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