Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Coyne on the CBC

An interesting article. The first part of the article seems to be an attempt at getting street cred among Andrew's many grit friends and family. The second part agrees wiith all of us who want to stop funding this boondoggle.
I want to sell of the CBC or turn it into the PBS model.

There is an undeniably sinister quality to the apparently coordinated campaign of harassment currently under way against the CBC. Were it just occasional sniping from the Tory backbench, were it simply the Quebecor/Sun Media empire beating its favourite hobby horse, were the National Citizens Coalition merely on one of its crusades—were it even all three together—you might call it business as usual.

But when you consider the links between these different organizations—the Prime Minister’s former communications director Kory Teneycke is vice-president of Sun News Network, while the director of the NCC is the former Conservative candidate and online maven Stephen Taylor—the whole thing takes on a different cast. At what point do we conclude that this relentless public mauling at the hands of government MPs and their private sector proxies is intended not merely to expose the CBC to proper scrutiny as a public agency, but to intimidate it in its function as a news organization?

The problem the CBC faces is that whatever their motives might be, its antagonists are, on the whole, right (you should pardon the expression). They are right in terms of the immediate controversy, i.e., whether the corporation is obliged to comply with access to information requests, even from its competitors: clearly, under the law, it must. While the law makes exception for certain types of documents, it cannot be up to the CBC alone to decide which documents qualify for this exception, as a court has lately ruled.

And they’re right in their more general proposition: that it is long past time for fundamental reform of the corporation’s mandate and structure. Put simply, the case for a publicly funded television network has collapsed. It has done so under the weight of three inescapable realities.

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Susann said...

CBC is always held out to have such important prowess in all things Canadianish, particularly TV shows and news. In the British Columbia TV market, despite their so-called best efforts with Macarenko and Parsons/Hanamansingh, CBC is mired horribly in 3rd.

Over the past decade the viewer has consistantly decided that CBC is a poor third every single time.

Here is a rough cut of BBM ratings. Global 450,000 to 650,000 while CTV has 55,000 to 65,000 and CBC hovers around 6,000 only.

SUN and Quebecor only just started their criticisms in the past year, so can that excuse.

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