Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chris Alexander

I met Chris a few years ago at an event to discuss the future of Canada's Afghan mission. Chris is extremely gracious, very smart caring and is now a Tory MP. I am proud to say that he is also a friend. I expect great things from Chris!!!

Chris Alexander is parliamentary secretary to Defence Minister Peter MacKay, and was recently named as the top rookie in the House of Commons in a poll of MPs done for Macleans
OTTAWA — Chris Alexander knows what it's like to be in the heart of chaos.

He was Canada's ambassador to Afghanistan, and then a UN special representative to the war-torn country, at the peak of turmoil from 2003 to 2009.

Now he sits as a Conservative MP in the House of Commons, a place where the chaos is less dangerous, but the atmosphere is, to say the least, often unfriendly.

Still, he remains upbeat about what he has seen so far in his transition from the world of diplomacy to politics.

For starters, he doesn't buy the notion the Commons is a pit of gutter politics, or politicians lie when they claim to value teamwork.

"In fact, it is a team sport," Alexander told Postmedia News in a recent interview in his parliamentary office. "I've been part of a lot of good teams, but this exceeds by an order of magnitude the intensity of the team experience I had had elsewhere.

"Then you have people who say it's a blood sport, it's ruthless. It can be. Some people glory in making it so. I don't think at its core it is."

Alexander presses his point, insisting while partisanship can sometimes go too far, "it has its role."

"Politics is about choices. Elections are about choices, and we have to embody those choices. And sometimes that can look artificial."

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