Saturday, December 10, 2011

cbc decimated?

I can only hope. An interesting perspective on the sale of MLSE.

Will Leafs sale cause CBC to cease?


As partners in the Leafs, did it not just become a lot easier for Bell (TSN) and Rogers (Sportsnet) to team up and wrestle the Saturday night package from CBC? (REUTERS/Mark Blinch)
MONTREAL - The Bell-Rogers marriage to take over Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is being consummated and now I'm left wondering where this leaves CBC in the Centre of the Universe.

The Corp's biggest cash cow is Hockey Night in Canada -- and HNIC's world revolves around the Toronto Maple Leafs. What happens if Rogers and Bell, which own the country's two biggest sports networks and now Canada's most important hockey franchise, decide they want the Leafs on Saturday night for themselves?

As partners in the Leafs, did it not just become a lot easier for Bell (TSN) and Rogers (Sportsnet) to team up and wrestle the Saturday night package from CBC?

CBC's biggest competitors just bought themselves a spot at the NHL table and, you would think, some influence over what will happen with the national television rights (think Comcast in the U.S. owning NBC, Versus, etc., and the Philadelphia Flyers and locking up the national rights for 10 years).

It only makes sense that Bell and Rogers would want the Leafs and Saturday night for TSN and Sportsnet when Canada's national broadcast rights come up for renewal. It's the biggest night of the week for hockey on TV.

Money always will be the ultimate decider so, unless CBC overpays, you have to think Bell and Rogers will make a big play for Saturday night.

Without the revenue from Hockey Night in Canada, does CBC continue to exist as we know it?


Anonymous said...

We can only hope, unless Minister Moore continues to kiss Mother Corp butt and hangs a veto on the process.

Rob C

Patsplace said...

Interesting point of view but I'm a bit confused on how you can "overpay" when you don't have to compete?

dmorris said...

I expect Bell/Rogers will demand a premium rate for the CBC to broadcast the Leafs on HNIC,as any good business would, it garners the CBC's biggest ratings.

If CBC does lose the Leafs , management will have to decide if it's to go to the PBS model,as many critics have suggested,or simply carry on without the Leafs on HNIC,and not worry about the lack of viewers.

I'd suggest the latter.

Despite the dreams of many Conservatives,the CBC is NOT going to be closed down,or defunded. It has become a Motherhood issue with many Canadians,and would probably cost the government the next election.

Anonymous said...

Ironic. Bell and Rogers can outbid CBC then gradually keep costs at a minimum, or, the CBC can outbid Bell/Rogers with taxpayers money. This is going to be so freakin' fun to watch. Cant wait to hear Paul Dewar explain why the CBC needs more money from us so it can outbid Bell/Rogers which in turn overpays Bell/Rogers.
Oh the humanity.

Anonymous said...

Some good points here, but it comes down to Harper willing to cough up more money to save the kind folks at CBC. Why would he do it? (real conservative)

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