Thursday, December 22, 2011

Canada's hysterical left

The left wing punditry, the grits, the dippers and Ellie may all seem to have lost bowel and bladder control. Their hysteria knows no limits. I suspect that the Tories will have to buy them all diapers.They claim the Tories have no vision of Canada, while screaming the Tories are systematically changing things. None of this should be a surprise. Many of us have watched while the left has tried to destroy Canada. The grits and their leftist media allies have set up an unsustainable welfare state and endorsed policies antithetical to our traditionns of freedom. Trudeau and Pearson have tried to eliminate our traditions and have disregarded our founding documents. We have allowed the grits to pick judges who have allowed this state of affairs to continue. All of that must and will change. The Tories will do this incrementally with the support of Canadians.
I must say I did enjoy the left's hysteria, but it is growing tiresome. It is only 7 months into a 5 year term. The hysteria can only grow, but Canadians are increasingly notpaying attention to these nattering nabobs of negativity.


bertie said...

It is great to get the news every day that Canada is not like it used to be,not corrupt,not a country that needs to beg for transportation to get to war zones or disaster areas,not regarded as a basket case with no leadership,not regarded as a nation with no balls that will get sucked into anything the UN says is good like KYOTO.Yes LIFE IS GOOD again.Keep up the good work PM Harper,we just love to hear the screaming and moaning from the left as they run out of steam.Canadians are so used to the constant horror stories and lies coming from the MSM and opposition that it is a game now wondering what they will come up with next.Canada is great now, but can you imagine how great Canada would be if it,s opposition parties that have the backing of supposedly 60% of the population were not trying to bring Canada back into the dark ages.They seem to want all the tax benefits and health care and welfare and unemployment insurance,etc.etc.,but do not want to do any of the work that goes into receiving these benefits.And the really saddest part of their intelligence is when they think that shutting down the oil sands would be good for Canada.It is hard to believe that this many people do not know that the oil sands is responsible for probably 20% of the jobs in Canada.Yes MSM and opposition parties keep up that ranting and raving,because as long as it keeps up we know PM Harper is doing something good for Canda.

Merry Christmas to all

Anonymous said...

William in Ajax said...

The deliberate destruction of our economy is all part and parcel of the U.N. One-World government mandate.
The two main enabling edicts are.
Dis-arm the populace...
Destroy Capitalism`s free market...
Once accomplished, thats when the insidious population controls will start to kick in.
If it means war to defend our soverenity from the parasites at the U.N. be it.!!

Anonymous said...

Life in Canada is indeed changing!
After all the years of backing Reform, Alliance and now the Conservative Party.
The whiners are music to this old guls ears.
Cheers Bubba

Roy Elsworth said...

such a breath of Fresh Air with this government. there doing an awsome job.and have kept there word on most of there promises. and that to me is a good thing in my book. I am so proud when I here americans saying how goo canada is doing over us. and how we should follow canadas model. and now were leading on regulating banks the Uk is going to regulated banks like canada. and pulling out of kyoto and fighting and speaking out against chaquita products. and the bounce in conservatives steps has been great.

Jen said...

Yep Roy, the americans sure want to br like us when it comes to having a stable banking system which may I add was first brought in by Mulroney finance minister John Manley.

In fact, some americans seeing how good we have said " canada give us your prime minister and you take Obama we will through in Pelosie as well.

Sorry USA, no can do.
However, we can give you the NDPQ and liberals. They luz Obama. We also give you the canadian msm they adore Obama they would walk to the end of the earth for him.

In a more serious tone. Canada is changing we have too since the world has changed.

Gerald said...

We're blessed in having a scandal free PM Harper,not like the liberals and NDP.PM Harper wasn't caught in a House of ill repute.The Harpers are a very respectable family,that hardly any other country has.The opposition,especially the women must be real jealous of them.Gerald.

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