Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back to the Future

So surprise, surprise bob are is not ruling out a grit leadership run. I guess he at least paid off his 2006 leadership debt. So much for his word that he would follow party rules. Like all grits he will change the rules to suit himself. He will probably get help from Sheila Copps. This is the grit idea of leadership: pick a guy who twice couldn't win the grit leadership and a politician from the pseudo chretien era. indeed a party expert thinks the grits need to be more liberal.
This is all good news for the Tories. Rae is still despised in Ontario. Indeed Andrea Horvath spent much of the Ontario election campaign running from the are legacy of debt and misery.
A rae/copps combo should doom the grits to many more years in the wilderness. The grits keep talking about fundraising, but it was pseudo chretien who put in these rules. They haven't gotten it right after many years. I doubt they will have much luck now. The killing of electoral welfare should help the grits sink even faster to the bottom.


Anonymous said...

Bob Rae was born Aug 1948.
“Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four?” - The Beatles

Happy New Year!


Joseph said...

If Rae manipulates his way into permanent leader it would basically burn away any legitimacy that the lpc had.
Lets review, when Dion became leader, it was a delegated convention, Dion lost, lpc lost seats, minority government. When Iggy became leader, he was appointed, and Harper won a majority. Now Rae if he wants to be leader, will have to get the rules changed to suit the outcome he wants, and somehow have outcome even with a omov selection process the membership has been denied for too long. Add to this scenario that Bob lost to both Dion and Iggy.
Also, lets not ignore the other possible reasons they can't have a leadership contest.
Lack of money
Lack of credible candidates
Lack of members
A party that has been coopted by interest groups
A party structure that is not sustainable

Jen said...

Joseph, the msm will tend to the liberals' 'lack' on things. They always have.

Why do you hink Bob Rae and the liberals are able to anything without a batting of an eyelid from the media?


Anonymous said...

They need to go to a one member one vote system, set a membership deadline and not allow anyone to buy a membership for someone else. If they ever do this and end up with a real leader our guys would have serious competition. Thankfully the lib-dipper complex appears to be in a anti-democratic, leader picked by the elites kinda mood. I'd sure be pissed if I was a lib-dipper. But you have to lie in the bed you made!

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