Friday, December 30, 2011

An ADQ merger with caq requires 2/3 majority

Apparently while destroying the ADQ from within the caquistes and their allies on the executive forgot to read the ADQ constitiion.
Article 60
Un amendement est reçu s'il reçoit le vote
affirmatif des deux tiers (2/3) des membres
présent s à l'assemblée.

Or they hoped no one else would pay attention. It is clear that 66% is required for this ill advised merger with a poll result. I oppose this merger. The caq is an illusion and legault is the worst of opportunists. The caq is the pq lite and I will have nothing to do with it. The merger needs to be stopped in order to allow the adq to be rebuilt by people who are not only interested in advancing their own careers.
if you are able to vote in the upcoming referendum ,on this terrible idea of merger , I urge you vote no!!!

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Anonymous said...

Let's bring back Mario Dumont who at least understands anglophones!

If those fed up with the status quo would send $10 to Mario to get him to give up his t.v. job, we could have a real leader again.

I Support Lord Black