Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Absent leadership

Apparently the leadership candidates of the dippers and bloc didn't take Jack's words very seriously.

The federal politicians in the races to lead the NDP and the Bloc Québécois are also leading the pack of MPs who missed the most votes in this session of Parliament, according to the latest investigation of House of Commons attendance by The Globe and Mail.

Maria Mourani, who represents the Montreal riding of Ahuntsic and failed in her bid to become Bloc leader on Sunday, missed more votes than any MP – 73, or nearly three out of every four. Ms. Mourani said she had to be “pretty much everywhere in Quebec” for the leadership race and managed to make it to Ottawa two days a week.

Five NDP leadership hopefuls are among the top 10 MPs with the worst attendance record, and two others were in the top 30 – a far cry from the party’s strong performance of consistent attendance in the previous Parliament.

Romeo Saganash missed close to two-thirds of the votes and Thomas Mulcair more than half, placing second and fourth respectively.


Alberta Girl said...

I expect the media will be all over this withing the next day or two.....right??

Imagine if these were Tories.

Jen said...

Imagine that AG.

Didn't Bob Rae shut down his provincial government when he was the ndp premier of Ontario for many months? of course he did. So what's the big deal for him to attend all votes in the HOC.

AG is right 'Imagine, if this was a tory.'

AG, the media are hoping that we 'stupid' canadians(all) whom Elizabeth May called us, would eventually forget what the liberals did and what Rae did to ontario. The stupid ones are they (media.)

maryT said...

If the media and liberals hope we forget, just think of all the comments re past things JC did, from pepper spray to strangling a protester. We will never forget and I doubt those in Ont will forget Rae Days or his long holiday from governing. And if another prorogation takes place for a couple of days, listen to him cry.
Funny how that story was twisted last year, with the media forgetting that most of that time the House was on Christmas break.

oxygentax said...

“That is not a meaningful statistic, it is an irrelevant statistic,” Mr. Rae said of his 47 missed votes.

“I’m on the road, I’m rebuilding the party, I’m speaking across the country,” the Liberal Leader said. “I make no apologies. I turn up for work every day – it’s just that my work is not simply attending votes.”

Uh Bob? You're paid by the taxpayer an amount of money that puts you into the top 5% of all earners in Canada to show up and debate and vote on legislation. THAT is your job. The extra stuff to build your party? That's your free time outside of the sitting of Parliament. God knows Parliament doesn't sit for 260 days out of the year, you'd think that the party building stuff can wait until after the current session.

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