Thursday, November 03, 2011

We can only hope

The unions seem to be afraid of massive cuts and union busting by HM Canadian Government. In this case I agree with FDR who thought it was crazy to allow public sectors. It is the elected representatives of the people who should be in charge, not the public sector unions

OTTAWA — Federal employees are facing the “fight of their lives” and should brace for the Conservatives to use anti-union tactics to reach their spending reduction targets, warns the leader of one of the largest public service unions.

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada begins its annual meeting in Ottawa Friday with an ambitious plan to mobilize its 55,000 members against cutting public services, including a contentious resolution to ally with the labour movement and join the Canadian Labour Congress.

“The number one issue facing our union and the labour movement as a whole … is the all-out attack on unionized employees in this country, particularly those of us working in Canada’s public service,” said PIPSC President Gary Corbett. “We have a majority Conservative government that is using every opportunity to demonstrate its anti-union bias.”

Corbett said that in today’s economic and political climate, to eliminate deficits and cut public services, PIPSC has to tap into the clout and influence of the labour movement, as well as ally with other public sector unions, especially those representing professionals.


Calgary Junkie said...

What a surprise, nobody in the public sector sees the canary in their coal mine--Greece.

It is now more obvious than ever, that governments at all levels have to eliminate their deficits, and then reduce their debts. Otherwise, the inevitable will happen--when they go to the marketplace to borrow the extra money to pay their excessive bills, the lenders will either refuse to buy the bonds, or demand an exhorbitant yield (eg Italy 10 year bonds now selling @ 6 %)

Either the public sector reduces their benefit package in an orderly manner, or increases their productivity (fewer workers doing more), or ends up like the Greeks with draconian measures forced on them all at once.

The majority of voters DO NOT buy into the Dipper rhetoric about bringing everybody else's pay and benefits UP to the public sector levels. The ever more competitive global environment won't accomodate that. Plus, incompetents like McGuinty and Charest are speeding up the process. There is no escape for anybody anywhere--especially the obvious target of the fat public sector.

Jen said...

CJ, I actually don't think that the Ontarians(most-not all) nor the quebecers know the state of their province. that they live in a HAVE NOT deep in debt province.

Nor have I heard any questions of these sorts been asked on CPAC.
If such questions were to be asked; at first, they would be shocked then surprised then silence.
If they were also to be asked what keeps quebec going and laid our a few names: ROC, oilsands, Western canada and so on. Their outlook on the ROC might change.

It is about time a 'wake up' call questions are asked

wilson said...

The Auto Industry bailout was our 'Greece'.
Like the EU, we had no choice but to bail them out.

Like Greece, more industry union members retired getting big pensions, than workers on the assembly line.

Why should the 70% of non-union workers pay taxes for the excessive benefits of the 30% of union workers...???

This should be our Occupy movement,
union wages/benefits should be at par with the private sector.

Thucydides said...

An article in the Financial Post some months ago laid it out in full. startling detail: if Public sector employees made the same amount of money as their private sector counterparts (this excludes Police and emergency service workers, who have no exact counterparts) then Canada would save $19 billion/year in wage costs alone.

That would eliminate half of the deficit, and reduce the ongoing unfunded liabilities of Public Sector pensions and health care benefits as well.

Spread the word; the Public Service unions will fight to the last taxpayer to keep their perques and benefits, only an informed electorate will be able to defeat them. The alternative is the national economy declining like Ontario, where public service wage spending is out of control.

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