Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Taxing the Rich

My Latest Letter to the editor in the National Post

The problem with taxing the 'rich'
Some of your letter writers seems to think those earning more than $200,000 should be even more heavily taxed.Many doctors in this country are in that category. They are also highly mobile. There are more than 12,000 Canadian-trained physicians now working in the United States - and I get daily offers to move there, also.

Your letter writers don't seem to understand that those in that income bracket are highly mobile and heavier taxes would probably accomplish little except make waits for a physician in this country even longer.

Dr. Roy Eappen, Montreal.

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Jen said...

Tax the rich has always been the NDP mantra but will they give a portion from their high price salary which is $157+ thousand to the poor to the homeless to the druggies. not a chance in hell.
They want every possible dime they can muster from you for their own gain. Forget the poor and so on,-all that is just 'show'.

NDP get/got money from the american union.
Taxing anyone who is Rich can drive that individual to remove one's wealth out of the country...doctors included.

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