Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Quebec nanny state unsustainable

My friends at the Institute of Marriage and the Family Canada have a report on the Quebec Nanny state and the state of Quebec families. The news is not very good. Very few people in Quebec seem ready to accept that these things are a problem.

Quebec 'welfare state' unsustainable: Report

By Brian Daly, QMI Agency

MONTREAL - Quebec could be headed for financial disaster because of low fertility, high taxes and an "eye-popping" debt-to-GDP ratio that's the fifth highest in the world, says a new study.

The Ottawa-based Institute of Marriage and Family Canada says massive transfer payments pouring into Quebec from the rest of Canada might be the only thing keeping the "ambitious Quebec welfare state" from collapsing.

"There are real reasons to be concerned about the sustainability of family programs as they currently run in Quebec," read a study released by the institute on Monday.

"As high as taxes are in Quebec, they would likely be even higher if not for the large transfer payments that province receives annually from the Government of Canada."

The 28-page report, titled "A Quebec family portrait," also suggests the preponderance of single-parent and common-law households will be less equipped to handle the possible dismantling of big government in La Belle Province.


haselcheck said...

Liberalism will destroy everything

Toronto said...

Haselcheck its not only liberalism its left wing thinking its a philosophy of failure and you see it failing time and again, people have to tighten their belts and stop this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I expect considerable fireworks when transfer payments are discussed in 2014. There is no reason why the ROC should pay for social programs we do not have nor want (highly subsidized day care) nor low university tuition.

Jen said...

Anonymous, 4:57PM,

I agree that a review on transfer payments will be in focus.
Quebec has lived off the provinces for too long and seeing that they have no intentions of living in reality, we in the other end are tired of the constant whining and gimme gimme rants.

Alberta should be the one living high on the hog instead it is Quebec that is living beyond their means.

How can a province(Quebec) that gets billions upon billions of dollars every year can end up being deep in debt and 'have-not' province is the question, the media should be asking.

Quecbecers need to know the state of their province and the provinces that keep them alive and that at any given time, the feeding provinces to Quebec will trickle down.

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