Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Protection for the unborn

I am pro life. I want to see abortions not funded by the state and very very rare. Apparently most Canadians want some protection for the unborn. We currently have no abortion law. A baby can be legally killed while exiting his or her mother's womb with immunity until it is fully outside their mother. No western democracy allows that. Most Canadians don't know that is the case.

Does a new poll suggest the abortion debate is about to be rekindled?
By Steve Mertl | Daily Brew – 7 hours ago

There are signs the bitter debate over abortion may be heating up again in Canada and certainly in the United States.
The U.S.-based web site is reporting a poll commissioned by LifeCanada suggests almost three quarters of Canadians want more legal protection for the unborn.
The telephone poll, conducted in September by Environics Research, asked 2,000 Canadians for their opinions on abortion. Some 72 per cent supported more legal protection for unborn babies and 62 per cent want it from conception or from two to three months into pregnancy.
Only 20 per cent of respondents supported the current Canadian policy of offering no protection until birth, according to the report. The poll's reported margin of error was 2.2 per cent 19 times out of 20.
That opinion is highest in Atlantic Canada and the Prairies, at 35 per cent, and lowest in Quebec, 25 per cent, with Montreal at 20 per cent.
An overwhelming majority of those polled - 92 per cent - also opposed abortion for sex-selection purposes.
"There is clearly a considerable gulf between government policies on abortion and Canadians' opinions," LifeCanada president Monica Roddis.

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