Friday, November 18, 2011

Peter C. Newman soothsayer

I am not a big fan of peter c. newman. So I don't pay much attention to what this liberal hagiographer says. Though it is interesting that even this grits sees a dark future for the Toronto party.

OTTAWA—The Liberal party is dead and the “natural governing party” title now belongs to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, author Peter C. Newman has proclaimed in his new book.

“If you had the chance to relaunch the Liberal party today, would you? The answer has to be a resounding ‘No!’ because there no longer seems to be a need for one,” Newman writes in a book that was originally conceived as a chronicle of former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s path to power.

“Liberals have finally met their Armageddon. Get used to it.”

Newman, 82, is a veteran journalist and author who specializes in writing about the powerful in Canada. He has apparently decided that the federal Liberal party has lost its clout, its purpose and its future.

His new book, When the Gods Changed, charts the decline — largely as it occurred in the past few years under Ignatieff’s leadership. Ignatieff resigned in May, immediately after the party was reduced to 34 seats in the federal election.


Anonymous said...

Now I have to see if I can use "hagiographer" in a couple of discussions tomorrow. What a great word.

Frances said...

Anon - and don't forget hagiographers usually write what could be considered panegyrics.