Monday, November 14, 2011

omar khadr: a Canadian of convenience

The vile terrorist omar khadr wants to return to Canada. Apparently now its his home, though even his sister says the fact that his home was never Toronto, it was in Afghanistan or Pakistan. We need changes to the citizenship act. We should return to 5 years to obtain citizenship and stop allowing automatic citizenship for babies born to non citizens.
I also think that many economic refugess would not come ehere if Canada stopped allowing benefits to refugees and tightened up our refugee system. We have far too many failed refugee candidates who never leave the Dominion and are on welfare for many, many years.


Jen said...

Is this the same Khadr that after years of not a peep about him while the liberals were in government suddenly becomes the liberals ndp and the bloc main priority to have him return to canada.

Remember our troops were called all names but not khadr... he has become the opposition parties and the media 'love child'.
What next, a position for him within the lib/ndpq/bloc parties?

Anonymous said...


By agreeing to expedite the terrorist’s plea deal, terrorist huggers Harper and Toews appear to be in “terrorist denial”, and playing politics by sucking-up to the extreme left again while repudiating resolute and momentous objections of non-terrorists sympathizers.

Rather than enforcing this convicted terrorist/murderer, our soft on crime PM is about to grant him the freedom to meander our young daughters’ streets for prospective victims.

By caving into Canada’s extreme left, and licking the boots of soft-on-terrorists Barrack Hussein Obama pursuant to terrorists Khadr, Harper has elected to abandon his entire tough on crime/terrorism agenda. Any further tough on crime/terrorism oration will validate that Harper is a hypocrite.

The terrorist sympathizing left, including the media, must acknowledge that Khadr is not a "child soldier", but only another psychopathic terrorist. He is therefore not protected pursuant to the Geneva Conventions since the Convention pertaining to nation states and the terrorists do not represent a nation state.

It’s a repulsive insult to legitimate Canadian soldiers who died for freedom in Afghanistan to label this fanatical terrorist a “soldier”, and our PM should not have joined this crowd of terrorist sympathizers in the opposition parties.

How will left-wing, terrorist sympathizing, unpatriotic politicians, judges, and the left-bias, unfair and unbalanced media feel when the Canadian Parole Board frees vicious, unrepentant terrorist? He will then be living on the same Canadian street as their very young, very innocent, very vulnerable daughters?

The Americans, after rolling our Prime Minister, are apparently so apprehensive about this terrorist’s future behavior that they will not allow him to fly over American air space; yet terrorist hugging Harper wants the psychopath to live here where he will be guaranteed early parole and will live, and slaughter, on our daughter’s street!


Pissedoff said...

Totally agree mach, but to me Harper proved a hypocrite on crime when he brought in Fantino a provincial liberal hack.

Alain said...

Even without the Khadr situation, it only makes sense to return to the 5 year requirement and end the automatic citizenship for anyone born here of non Canadian parents unless the parents are legally landed immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Most welcomed the new plan to limit the family reunification program. The next obvious step is to limit the refugee program. I take no good feeling from statement about how generous we are in accepting refugees. Sorry, this MUST change right now! We also have to start screening people from all 3rd world countries to make sure that they can accept our values. The Shafia family and the Khadrs simply will never be good Canadian immigrants, even temporarily, as they don't agree with our way of life. Deeply ingrained beliefs of some applicants, such as Sharia Law, that are at odds with our Constitution should not be welcome.

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