Sunday, November 20, 2011

obama and the dems are bad neighbours

A good editorial in Barron's. obama and his dem friends jeopardize their>own nation's energy security.

Bad Neighbor Policy
The U.S. government loses touch with the best source of imported energy.

The leaders of the United States often forget that there is another country between here and the North Pole. Washington often moves without caring about its effect on our northern neighbors, especially in matters concerning energy.

Thus, we have had to observe the spectacle created over Keystone XL, a proposed pipeline that would move Canadian oil from Alberta to American refineries that have specialized technology well-suited to process it. Those refineries face dwindling supplies of heavy oil from Mexico and Venezuela.

Some of the Canadian petroleum would be consumed in the U.S. as gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel; some of these refined products would be exported. In both cases, there would be significant profits for Canadian producers and transporters and for U.S. refiners, transporters and retailers.

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Jen said...

Obama has failed to realize the majority of the americans want jobs but are told otherwise. If and I hope soon they do find out that there are jobs out there for example the KEYSTONE XL PIPELINES, but Obama and his cronies are 'REFUSING' to allow americans work because of some environmentalists phonies, they will be furious and definitely there will be a massive protests against him for keeping jobs away from the americans.

Obama has yet to see protest, and when it does happen he better be prepared to give solid grounding reasoning without an iota of 'environment' uttered in the mix.

Obama doesn't know nor does he care imo, that canada and USA depend on each.

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