Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new grit leader

Wow, i also think bob Rae will be the new grit leader. Though he comes with so much baggage. If he is leader he will be entirely the wrong message for the grits. It will show they have learned nothing from their huge defeat. The grits will have a leader who couldn't beat Stephane dion or iffy. bob Rae is despised in Ontario. I think I would be happy watching Rae and the grits sink together. Especially since this would upset catsmeat.

Some time ago, I jettisoned my crystal ball owing to its serial malfunctioning. But recently, while I was reading a book on table-rapper Mackenzie King, it reappeared in all its non-glory. Here’s what it said:

For lack of a better candidate, aging Bob Rae will become permanent leader of the Liberal Party and lead it back to respectability, though not victory. Mark Carney, the Bank of Canada governor celebrated on a magazine cover last week as “The Canadian Hired to Save the World,” will take over the Rae reins after the next election.


Anonymous said...

It is true - It's not over until it's over.
This episode of the liberal demise is not finished and the death knell is being sounded and shall soon come to pass.
As plain as the nose on your face and to think otherwise is just wishful thinking.
Last lib out, turn out the lights!

Thucydides said...

While it is quite easy to believe Mr Rae will flout the rules and attempt to become the leader after being the "interim" leader, it is even easier to believe that various factions in the Liberal Party will be waiting in the corridors, behind curtains and in the kitchen with knives out for Mr Rae.

The infighting that surfaces from time to time is still going on, if only because the internal conditions which promoted such infighting have not changed. I suspect that after the Liberal convention bloodbath, the party will be full of bitter people divided against themselves. The NDP may or may not be a contender at that point in time but Steven Harper's CPC will roll the Liberals over post hast.

If the LPC is going to be a contender in 2019 (or even exist then), they will have to do the core work of defining what, exactly, they stand for, and define it in a positive manner that induces people to vote "for" them on their own merits rather than as an "against the others" vote. Realistically, I don't see this happening anyway, not only because they won't do it but because they can't; the Progressive project is unraveling and the legal, fiscal and moral arguments for Progressivism in any form lie in ruins. The NDP and Greens are entrenched in the ruins (like Russian soldiers in Stalingrad) while the "Classical Liberal" values of liberty, property rights and Rule of Law are (imperfectly) championed by the CPC, and even more voracious small "c" conservative parties on the political Right. There is literally no place for the Liberals to go.

So Bob Rae may go down in history as the man who's ambitions destroyed the Liberal Party through infighting, while history passed it by.

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