Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mr Garneau time to study the constitution

Kelly McParland rakes Marc Garneau over the coals for his grit constitutional silliness. Maybe you should look at the constitution Mr. Garneau.

A similar reshuffling in Canada would require the unanimous consent of all 10 provinces, which isn't going to happen - ever.Most recently, Quebec politicians demanded 25% of all the Commons seats in perpetuity, despite the fact their province has just 23% of the national population (and falling). Does Mr. Garneau actually believe Quebecers can be convinced to support a constitutional amendment that would automatically shrink their share of Commons' seats every decade (given current population trends)? Is he willing to campaign on that in the next election?

Were the Liberals still in power and a Tory committee member had made such a flub, imagine the condescension and sneering the Liberals would have engaged in. But now that the Liberals are a third-place party desperate to be noticed, no idea is to silly to get its day.

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